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Other Useful Info

Shared Care Record

The Ngaio Medical Centre is considering making a 'Shared Care Record' available. This is a programme run through a website called ManageMyHealth.  This is a secure website that receives an individual's personal health information uploaded from the practice management system.  Only registered health professionals in approved care settings will be eligible to access such records.  Access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. It can also be used to store other health related information that might not be recorded, such as treatment you have received, or other medications that you may be taking.  This allows some information to be available to care settings such as hospital in-patient or out-patient departments, emergency departments and after hours medical centres.  Such information would include medications, classifications (for instance, past diagnoses), allergies, laboratory results and discharge letters.

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Cornerstone Programme

The Ngaio Medical Centre adheres to the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' belief that quality general practice is the provision of the best health care that is consistent with patients' values and preferences, given the available resources. The practice has decided to follow the RNZCGP Cornerstone programme. This is a quality cycle that encourages reflection and action based on best available information. Such methods are applied to various aspects of practitioner and practice activity to assist our team to make improvements in our practice. 

The Cornerstone measures 36 practice indicators that identify the RNZCGP standards. Some are required by legislation (e.g. the development of written policies on how we will implement the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights 1996, or the collection of health information). Some are considered by the RNZCGP to be 'essential' (e.g. various informed consent practices), and those considered 'desirable' (such as staff having current CPR certificates or reviews of practice cultural processes). One such 'essential' criterion is the documentation of a practice long-term strategic plan and an annual business plan. A 'desirable' criterion is to invite patient input for strategic and annual planning purposes. Do consider this an invitation.


Privacy Issues

The Ngaio Medical Centre has a written policy on the collection and use of health information. All team members have obligations to be familiar with, and to comply with, the principles of the Health Act, 1993 (use of personal information), Health Information Privacy Code, 1994 (use of health information) and Health Act, 1956.  Copies are available on request. Consent must be obtained and recorded for the disclosure of personal information and the release of notes to another party. There is a clause in the Enrolment Form which explains what happens to private information. All doctors and staff have signed an employment agreement which contains a clause concerning confidential information. Privacy concerns can be addressed to our Privacy Officer, Lucy Hollister.

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Consent Issues

Information is available on a wide variety of issues to help patients understand and exercise their right to make an informed decision and give or withhold information e.g. screening tests and immunisations. For some procedures, it is practice policy that informed consent is discussed and agreed by the patient, or legally designated representative. There are specific examples of written consent. We acknowledge that patients should have sufficient information and be provided with education and support to make a choice. We believe that disability should not be a reason to curtail patient consent.


Cultural Issues

The Ngaio Medical Centre is committed to recognizing diversity of culture and background. All staff are obliged to read and address various relevant documents including the Treaty of Waitangi. Dr Delany is the designated practice person responsible for monitoring and documenting discrimination issues or incidents and acting on matters raised by consumers. We are advised by two well known Maori - a female and male, both High School principals. We review our processes for understanding and working positively with people of different cultures.


Further information:

i) Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights 1996;

ii) Deaf Aotearoa -

iii) Braille translation - Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind -

iv) Internal Affairs Translation Service -

v) Medical Council of New Zealand: Statement on cultural competence (2006)

vi) Interpreter Services - Wellington Community Interpreting Services Ph (04) 3842849.


Patient Suggestions

Not only does the NMC invite patients to offer suggestions for our strategic and business plans, but we would like to extend this invitation to include suggestions on any aspect of service planning, to comment on any service provided and to raise issues and develop responses, if so wished, in partnership with the practice team. For instance, feedback about access to the after hours service or how easily the practice services can be accessed by using the telecommunication system is invited. If some people - for instance, if disabled or with mobility problems, have ideas about how we could improve our practice (such as improving access) we would appreciate your input. Others may wish to comment on consulting room privacy or comfort.


Code of Health and Disability Services

The Ngaio Medical Centre upholds the patients right to complain. We hope to treat complaints seriously and wish to respond promptly and fairly. Every complaint is an opportunity to look carefully at how we do things and to see if we can improve the way we provide health care. We aim to achieve a mutually satisfactory conclusion and, where appropriate, take action to ensure the situation does not arise again. It is helpful if complaints are received as soon as possible after the event. They can be received in writing, by telephone or in person.

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